To maintain our low student-faculty ratio that permits high quality supervision of both research and professional education, only a small number of students with outstanding credentials are selected for admission each year. The Department accepts as graduate students only those who have demonstrated the capacity for completing the doctoral degree and whose goals are consistent with the educational opportunities offered by our specialty areas.

The specific criteria for admission to the Department of Psychology vary somewhat across specialty areas, but generally include a high undergraduate grade point average, high scores on the Graduate Record Examination, strong letters of recommendation, and research experience and/or previous relevant work experience. In most specialty areas, students are expected to have a thorough background in psychology, however some specialty areas prefer a thorough background in mathematics, biological and/or physical sciences (see specialty area descriptions). Students are expected to have appropriate background experiences that prepare them to begin graduate work when they enter our graduate program.

To be considered for admission, a complete application should be received by December 1.

The most efficient and effective method of applying to the University of Maryland, College Park is through our Online Graduate Application. Applying online saves time and money, is more environmentally friendly than the traditional application, and reduces the chances for human error in processing.

Completing the Online Application is the first part of the application process; both the Graduate School and the graduate programs require additional supplemental information from all applicants.

All information regarding the application(i.e., how to send in supplemental material, information on the supplemental application) can be found here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do I need to pay for graduate school?
  • No. The program guarantees funding in the form of TAs and/or RA support for 5 years provided you are in good standing.

  • Where do graduates of the program work?
  • Many graduates go on to research careers in academia and industry. Recent graduates have been placed at NYU, University of Washington, Cornell, Queens University, University of Tennessee, University of Pittsburgh, Wayne State University, National University Singapore, Rand, McKinsey, Army Research Institute, among others.

  • Does University of Maryland offer terminal Masters programs?
  • The University of Maryland will offer a Masters of Professional Studies Program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology starting Fall 2016.

  • Should I take the GRE subject test in psychology?
  • The GRE subject test in psychology is recommended but not required.

  • What GPA/GRE score should I have to be considered competitive?
  • There is no official cut off for GPA and GRE scores. UMD considers GPA, GREs, research experience, and fit to the SDOS program in making its decisions.

  • How many students are admitted each year?
  • Generally about 2-8 students are admitted each year to keep a low faculty-student ratio.

  • When are final decisions sent out?
  • Interviews and decision notifications are usually sent out around February or March.

  • More FAQs to come